Research in the Secondary Education: RSE

Step-by-step Guide to issue the Confirmation Report

1.Username and Password for basic authentication
The lesson page is protected by basic authentication. Please check the Common Username and Password below before proceeding the lesson.

1)  Click [Read the Text] button at the bottom of this page.

2)  Enter the username and password for basic authentication to sign in.   [Click here to check the username and password]

2.Read the text
The text "Ethics for Student Research: Practical Module" is displayed. Use the text for your learning purposes.

When you reach the end of the page, click the [Confirmation Report] button at the bottom.

3.Issue the Confirmation Report
If you pass the lesson, enter the information required for the Confirmation Report in the fields in “Completion of the Lesson.”

After pressing [Issue “Confirmation Report”] button, you cannot modify any of the information you entered.
Also, once you have issued a Confirmation Report PDF, you cannot issue it again.
So, carefully check that the information you entered is correct and make sure to save the PDF file and manage it yourself.
If you make a mistake in entering information, or if you lose the PDF file, you will need to take the lesson again.

After entering all required details and checking the box, click the [Issue “Confirmation Report”] button.

A confirmation message pops up. If there are no problems, click [OK], otherwise click [Cancel] to make the necessary corrections.

After you click [OK], the “Confirmation Report” will be issued in PDF format. Make sure to download or print the file and to save and manage it yourself.

Read the Text